In the work of Loris Cecchini (born in Milan, 1969), photography, drawing, sculpture and installation combine to form a unified poetics. Cecchini’s work owes as much to his expertise of a broad range of media as to his indefatigable curiosity. The subjects that appear in his work include multiple collages and detailed architectural models, objects in rubber, reinvented caravans and tree houses, structurally distorted spaces, and prismatic, transparent covers and surfaces.

Physical phenomena become an optical and emotive inventory of the environment. Natural systems are transferred into a layered system of semantic relations in order to reveal the invisible processes of a synthesis between nature and culture. Modular steel sculptures, tangible phenomenologies in stone, microscope images re-elaborated in 3D in the shape of monochrome pictures and watercolour and pencil diaries encapsulated in transparent vacuum wrapping yield material geographies and poetically elaborate the space and the surface of the work: the installations floats in the spatial infinity of the micro and the macro, in which the phenomenal reality re-elaborated by the artist becomes anatomical memory and conceptual diagram. In the expressive osmosis created between biological forms and architectural structure, Cecchini invites us to reconsider our conceptions of reality and representation, the organic dimension of natural development and that of the technical-artificial landscape.
His series Monologue Patterns are idealized dwelling systems on wheel, small spaces designed around the idea of caravan, the trailer, the roulotte, a nomadic space for definition, combining sculpture and the tradition of utopic architecture to form a spatial and visual - poetical experience; some of them are up on the trees, with different characteristics, but always as places related to a sort of “poetical distance”.
At the heart of Cecchini’s work is a new reading of spatiality: physical space is interpreted as something biological, organic and vital, but at the same time as something that is rationally structured, mechanically produced, perfectly artificial and yet endowed with an organic-structural functionality.


  • Waterbones (sequence 510), Quirinale Contemporaneo, Rome, Italy [Permanent installation]
  • Prima luce, curated by H. Marsala, Monte Rosa 91, Milan, Italy [Permanent installation]
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  • Arborexence, Belmond Hotel, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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  • Waterbones and Sequential interactions in alfalfa chorus, Rueil-Malmaison, France [Permanent installation]
  • Il Custode dell’Orto-Loris Cecchini, Galleria Canesso, Milan, Italy (Cat.)
  • Aeolian Landforms and other Particles, Galleria Continua, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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  • Waterbones (sequence 180), Centralcon Sungang International Logistics Center, Shenzhen, China [Permanent installation]
  • Arborexence, Commanderie de Peyrassol, Chemin de Peyrassol, Flassans-sur-Issole, France [Permanent installation]

  • Loris Cecchini, Tenuta Casenuove, Panzano in Chianti, Italy
  • Invito 2020, Premio ACACIA, Museo del Novecento, Milan, Italy
  • 2020, Song Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • I Do Artist Store X Loris Cecchini, I Do artist store, Beijing, China [Permanent installation]

  • Loris Cecchini, Glocal Art, Lugano, Switzerland
  • Waterbones, curated by RAID Caterpillar, Teatro Comunale, L’Aquila, Italy [Permanent installation]
  • Loris Cecchini: Hypermeasures, curated by M. Tonelli, Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto, Italy (Cat.)
  • ...a macchia d’albero, MiniMu, Trieste, Italy
  • Emulsione, Atrio Monumentale ASP ITIS, Trieste, Italy

  • Sequential interactions in alfalfa chorus, Stafield Hanam Inc., Seoul, South Korea [Permanent installation]
  • Loris Cecchini - Dirk Salz, Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami, USA
  • Loris Cecchini, Galleria Continua, Rome, Italy
  • Waterbones (Climbing in transition state), Biblioteca Lazzerini, Prato, Italy [Permanent installation]
  • The ineffable gardener and inherent transience, Cornell Tech, New York, USA [Permanent installation]
  • Waterbones, Art Hotel, Florence, Italy
  • The developed seed, Beijing Fun, Beijing, China [Permanent installation]
  • Waterbones (Attic’s GRAPHS + L System), Spazio C.O.S.M.O., Milan, Italy
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  • Loris Cecchini. Sacrosanctum #14, Oratorio di San Mercurio, Palermo, Italy
  • Waterbones, Hanam Union Square, Seoul, South Korea [Permanent installation]
  • Sistemi di visione/Sistemi di realtà: Loris Cecchini, curated by I. Mariotti, Villa Pacchiani Centro Espositivo, Santa Croce sull’Arno, Italy (Cat.)

  • Resonances, Chaumet, Paris, France
  • Loris Cecchini: Emotional diagrams and other micrologies, Leila Heller Gallery, New York, USA

  • Waterbones (Sponge) , Edicola Notte, Rome, Italy
  • Bush Walking, CAP, Carrara, Italy
  • Nuages de la Mer et de l’Air, Symphonie des Flux, Les Terrasses Du Port, Marseille, France [Permanent installation]
  • Loris Cecchini. Modulo e modello, curated by M. Meneguzzo, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan, Italy (Cat.)

  • Loris Cecchini, The size plus the size of the sample, Studio Sandra Recio, Geneva, Switzerland
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  • Alta Definizione, curated by P. Magni, Rome, Italy (Cat.)

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  • Rock around the Clock, curated by A. Galasso, Galleria Ciocca, Milan, Italy
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  • Ora Per Ora, curated by di Premiata Ditta, E. Vecchia, F. Fazzi, E. Conti, UnDo.Net, Italy
  • Standby, curated by A. Pieroni, Galleria Romberg, Latina, Italy
  • Attraversamenti, curated by C. Corbetta, D. Grandi, Teatro dell’Arte, Milan, Italy

  • Crash, curated by G. Del Vecchio, Ex officina meccanica, Caserta, Italy (Cat.)
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  • Il punto, curated by E. Grazioli, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, Italy (Cat.)
  • Invita, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, Italy (Cat.)
  • Città aperta, Città Sant’Angelo, Pescara, Italy
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  • Ent/Ark/Ttic Circle. The Meridian Route, The Plasy Monastery, Plasy, Czech Republic


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